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CADERU Vol.3 Tanabata 2017 - Comprehensive Hunt Guide

Happy summer, everyone! As July 7th approaches, people in Japan are gearing up for Tanabata, the Star Festival that celebrates the once-a-year meeting of the star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikiboshi. (Must be one wild night, huh?)

The people who brought you the last two CADERU events have teamed up to bring you a Tanabata event and hunt and, man, have they outdone themselves this time! The CADERU Vol.3 Tanabata Event & Hunt runs from June 19th, 2017 to July 31st, 2017. The event includes a small market, a photo contest, a bunch of photogenic locations, and a free hunt/game!

For more information (in Japanese) and a preview of the main prizes, check out the official website.

Event Items

Dress - Jury PoP :: Space Blouson Dress - Banboo (Maitreya) :: Hunt prize; includes standard Fitmesh sizing and Maitreya and Slink fitting
Shoes - [peche] :: Galaxy Boots Maitreya :: Hunt prize; includes Maitreya and Slink fitting
Leg Ribbon - Ade-yakko :: Ashimaki Sarashi :: Hunt prize; Maitreya sizing only
Gun - who what :: -SweetsGUN- Shooting Star :: Hunt prize; includes Bento pose; gun shoots out candy that is gifted to targets
Milky Way - GUARAN-DOU :: Portable Milky Way :: Hunt prize; animated
Collar - OLQINU :: Rhombus Collar <moon> :: Hunt prize; part of Galaxy Mania set
Necklace - OLQINU :: Monk Necklace <galaxy> :Hunt prize; part of Galaxy Mania set
Horns - OLQINU :: Horn Headband <galaxy> :: Hunt prize; part of Galaxy Mania set

The hunt/game for this event is more complex than in previous CADERU events, so below I provide a comprehensive guide. However, if you just want to get started right away, here are a few quick pointers:

  • The hunt has three components: a story, a series of four repeatable quests, and a prize hunt. You need to complete the quests in order to access the prize hunt.
  • The hunt requires the use of multiple HUDs. You buy the primary HUD for L$0, and the additional HUDs are given to you in the course of the story. You must equip these HUDs to complete the quests.
  • There are three types of prizes:
    • Quest Prizes - These are mini-prizes you automatically receive while taking on the quests. There are four prizes (one for each quest).
    • Prize Booth Prizes - These are mini-prizes you can get by exchanging tickets earned from the quests. There are three optional prizes and one prize (Treasure Map) that is essential to unlocking the vendor prizes.
    • Vendor Prizes - These are the "ultimate" prizes that are shown on the official website. Each vendor has one prize for you. To gain access to these prizes, you need to earn five festival tickets by completing quests and exchange those tickets for the Treasure Map prize at the Prize Booth.

Keep reading below for my comprehensive guide to the hunt!

Comprehensive Hunt Guide

Step 01: Getting to the Market

When you first land, you'll be greeted by a starlit field in the middle of space. Follow the glowing blue arrows to the bright light, and you'll find yourself inside a mysterious galactic train with the logos of all the sponsors for this event. At the end of the train car is a teleport door. Sit on the door to be transported to the festival landing area.

Beautiful, isn't it? Proceed across the decorated bridge and past the broken gateway that tells you to "go straight." There you'll find the market area.

Step 02: Initiating the Hunt

Inside the market, you'll find a bunch of great stalls selling all sorts of galactic-themed wares. Feel free to pause and do a little shopping. At each stall, there's a picture frame that shows the prize that the vendor is giving away for the hunt. You can't claim them just yet, so proceed to one of the two doorways marked "HUNT START" to be teleported to the hunt arena.

Inside the first room is a sign from which you can purchase the hunt HUD for free. Attach it and grant the HUD permission to teleport you. You'll be traveling around skyboxes in the Clover SIM to complete quests, so this permission is essential. Once the HUD is attached, click the screen to accept the terms of service of the game and to be introduced to the hunt story.

Basically, there's a planet called CADERU that is inhabited by all sorts of adorable characters (some of whom you met in previous Caderu events). Your contacts on CADERU are Sigma and Elnath. They've been reading up on the strange traditions of earthlings--in particular the Tanabata Festival held in Japan. Sigma and Elnath decide they want to have their own Tanabata celebration on CADERU, so Elnath enlists your help.

After you click your way through the dialogue, you'll be transported to the main hunt area. This place is where the "HOME" button on your HUD will take you if clicked. Your HUD will instruct you to talk to Elnath at the Reception booth. Click on Elnath, the blue figure.

Here, Elnath explains that he and his friends need help gathering and making supplies for the festival. On the bulletin board to your right, there are four tasks/quests for you to take. Completing each of these tasks will earn you festival tickets, which you can exchange with Sigma for prizes.

Note that these prizes are different from the ones in the main hunt. There are four prizes at Sigma's booth to the right: Stellar Lamp, Portable Milky Way, Star Neckstrap, and Treasure Map. If you want to claim the main hunt prizes, you need to buy the Treasure Map. The Treasure Map will teleport you to Treasure Planet, where you'll hunt for keys that you can exchange for prizes in the vendor area.

But first, you'll actually need to get five festival tickets. Go to the bulletin board and choose a quest to complete. You can complete each quest as many times as you want to rack up festival tickets. The order in which you complete these quests doesn't matter.

Step 03: Getting Festival Tickets

Ornament Crafting

This task is very similar to the heart-catching game in the CADERU Valentine event. When you accept this quest, you'll be transported to the library. There are two quest givers here: Aries and Melik. Click on Aries, who is sitting at a desk in the center of the room, to get started on the ornament crafting quest.

She's trying to make paper ornaments called tanzaku, and she needs your help catching 20 of them. Click on the red toolbox to get the Tanzaku HUD and the catching rod. You need to have both equipped to catch the tanzaku that are floating around the room.

Once you have both the Tanzaku HUD and the catching rod equipped, click on the brightly colored pieces of paper that are flying around until your HUD says "COMPLETE!"

Next, click on the red box and agree to deposit the tanzaku. Aries will give you a festival ticket and a little bonus prize: a confetti typing accessory. Nice! 

Time to take on another quest. Click on the "HOME" button to return to the bulletin board.

Collecting Books

This task also takes place in the library. When you accept this quest, you'll be transported to the library. Click on Melik, who is sitting on the periphery of the room next to a giant stack of books. 

She's searching for some books on Tanabata lore, but she's gotten tired and needs your help finding the remaining 10 books. Click on the notepad sheet labeled "MEMO" to get a HUD that has a list of the book titles she needs. Attach the HUD. Don't worry about decoding the titles. All you need to do is circle around the perimeter of the room looking for books that are sticking out of the shelves. Click on the prim/mesh books, and if the book is one of the ones Melik needs, one of the titles on the HUD will be checked off with a red mark.

In the picture above, there are two books sticking out of the shelves: a red book and a green book. A word of warning: Many of the books are decoys, and clicking on them will send a pan hurling down onto your head!

When you've checked off all 10 books, return to the book pile by Melik and click it to deposit the books. She'll give you a festival ticket and another mini-prize: the Stellar Tale Book!

Time to take on another quest. Click on the "HOME" button to return to the bulletin board.

Packing Watermelons

This task takes place in the pasture. After you agree to take on the watermelon task, you'll be transported to the pasture and asked to speak with Reticuli. Click on her.

She needs your help harvesting and packing watermelons. Click on the pile of open boxes labeled "WATERMELON BOX" to get the box HUD. Attach it and sit on one of the red triangles. The goal of this quest is to pick 20 watermelons out of a series of other plants. You'll be presented with three large prim plants at a time, including watermelons, orange watermelons, vase-shaped watermelons, squash-shaped watermelons, mandrakes, and mushrooms. Click on the round, green watermelon(s) when you see it/them. Each set of plants will appear for a few seconds only, so be quick!

A word of warning: Clicking on other plants will decrease your watermelon count!

An orange watermelon and two mushrooms. Don't click on any of these! Just wait for the next set to appear.
You'll need to do this several times to get 20 watermelons. When the box HUD indicates that the boxes are filled, click on the item marked "DELIVERY BOX" to deliver the watermelons. Reticuli will give you a festival ticket and a little bonus prize: a watermelon popsicle!

Time to take on another quest. Click on the "HOME" button to return to the bulletin board.

Milking Cows

This task also takes place in the pasture. After you agree to take on the pasture helper task, you'll be transported back to the pasture. Click on Chertan.

This little cutie needs you to fill up two bottles of milk for her. Click on the bottles marked "MILK PAILS" to get a milk pail HUD. Attach it and then sit down at any one of the stools that is next to a cow. (The color of the cow doesn't matter.) When you sit down, a milking animation will be triggered, and the bottles on the HUD will fill up a little. Move from cow to cow to fill up the bottles.

Note that you cannot milk the same cow more than once each time you take on this quest. There also seems to be a "cooldown" mechanism in place; if you take on this quest twice in a row, the cows you milked will provide less milk the second time around. How realistic!

When you've filled up both pails, click on the milk tank next to Chertan and deliver the goods. She'll give you a festival ticket and a little prize: a milk pack!

By this point, you'll still need one more festival ticket to get the Treasure Map. Complete any one of the above quests a second time and then head pack to the area with the bulletin board.

Step 04: The Treasure Hunt

Back at the main hunt area, find Sigma and trade in five of your festival tickets for the Treasure Map by clicking on the picture. You'll be given a HUD that, when clicked, will teleport you with Sigma and Elnath to the real hunt arena. Here, you'll meet the Stellar Princess. 

When the dialogue ends, click on the princess (she's sitting on the pier), and she'll inform you that she has hidden keys all over the area. Each key will "unlock" a treasure box in the vendor area. Much like in the CADERU Valentine event, each key corresponds to a specific merchant. She'll give you a memo HUD with which to keep track of the keys you find. Attach it.

The keys come in all different sizes and colors. Some of them are gigantic and really easy to identify; others blend in with the decor in the area. They all glow a little bit, so it's not quite as difficult as the CADERU Valentine Hunt was, but some of them are very well hidden. In the picture below, you can see two keys very clearly: the green key up against the wall and the gold key lying in the water. If you look very closely, you can also see another gold key hanging from the rope that ties the boat to the pier.

There are 12 keys total to find. You don't need to find all of them to claim prizes. If, for example, you just want to claim the prize for GUARAN-DOU, all you need to do is find the key that corresponds to GUARAN-DOU. The name of the merchant to whom the key corresponds will show up in nearby chat and on the memo HUD when you click the key.

When you've found all the keys that you want, teleport to the shopping area and click on the pictures of the prizes you want at each stall.

Happy Hunting!

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