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Welcome to (Kaku-Machi) Japan: Yanfes! Hunt & Event Guide | ヤンヘス ハントガイド

Come here and go get with me
I wanna see you Wednesday
Come on, come on, come over
Take it off your shoulder
Come on and pull me over
We gotta get to work now
Sliding it off your shoulder
as we're falling over

Welcome to Japan!

Hello, everyone! Today I'm plugging the Yanfes! event and hunt that has been going on throughout the month of April. (Sorry for the late coverage; it's been a rough month IRL.) The official site is here, but since it's entirely in Japanese, I'm providing a short guide in English here!

公式日本語ガイドはこちらですが、ハントアイテムのプレビューは、お読みください。遅れて申し訳ありません。m(_ _)m

Until April 30th at the Kaku-Machi SIM, you can enjoy a fun market with freebies, a bunch of awesome photos and, best of all, a free hunt with 49 prizes, including the badass one-piece biker uniform I'm wearing above!

Scattered throughout the areas of the SIM marked on the map below are oblong pieces of bread (pan) set for sale at L$0. They're all the same shape and color, but their size varies wildly. Some are as small as a fingernail, and others are as big as the roof of a house! You can find 22 of them in the landing area (the school and the bridge) and 27 of them in the market area.

The hunt object (pan)

Overhead map of the hunt area (outlined in yellow X's)

So, what is "Yanfes" anyway?

It's a festival for all things yankee (yankii), which is a subculture in Japan that combines elements of American rockabilly (50s music, pompadour haircuts, leather jackets, motorcycles) with rebellion, teenage delinquency, and general badassery. You can read more about yankii culture and the etymology of the term here on Timeline.com. In Japanese pop culture, references to yankii include chain-smoking schoolgirls with bleached hair, ankle-length sailor skirts, brawls on the roof after school, and scooter races. Lots of races with seriously decked out scooters. Tofugu has a great article on the history of bosozoku, which is a culture closely associated with yankii.


Head Applier - remy&rowe :: molly wen :: Includes Catwa and Omega appliers with brow and browless options
Mesh Head - Catwa :: Lona v2.12 :: Bento
Skin Applier - remy&rowe :: 3.0 mesh body : beige : omega applier 
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara 4.1 :: Includes classic and Bento hands
Hair - Alice Project :: Nora - Special :: L$50 for Spring Fling 2017 @ Alice Project; pack includes natural ombre and mirror ombre HUDs (five textures each)
Eyes - Le Forme :: Asian Eyes #01 :: L$60; mesh lenses


Skin Appliers - Essences :: KEI (M01) :: Old L'HOMME Magazine group gift (no longer available)
Mesh Head - NO!Project :: ALPHA 1.0 :: Bento
Mesh Body - #TheMeshProject :: BETA Deluxe Body(m)
Hair - [bade] :: Micha :: Old freebie (no longer available)
Eyes - Avi-Glam :: Onyx Eyes :: Includes system eyes in three sizes, mesh lenses with an HUD to control size, and Omega appliers

For previews of all of the hunt prizes that merchants are offering up, keep reading beneath the cut!



Gakubou :: Resizable via script


Matte Nail :: Black and wine red fingernail appliers for VISTA and Slink

(cats coakes)

<YAN9> :: 50'S BLACK Skirt Dress :: Standard sizing
<YAN1> :: 50's Red Skirt Dress :: Standard sizing
<YAN7> :: 50's PEPPERMINT Skirt Dress :: Standard sizing

<YAN5> :: Skull Roll Neck Short Jumper :: Standard sizing

<YAN2> :: Leather Jacket "Go Kat Wild" :: Standard sizing

<YAN3> :: White Yankee Plate

<YAN10> :: Motorcycle Mens Tee :: Standard sizing
<YAN6> :: Rockin' Shirt Blue :: Standard sizing
<YAN4> :: Far East Mens Tee :: Standard sizing

<YAN11> :: Have Mercy! Mens Tee :: Standard sizing
<YAN12> :: Good Rockin' Mens Tee :: Standard sizing

<YAN8> :: Edward Jacket Red :: Standard sizing


YakisobaPan 1 :: Shikemoku E-Cigarettes :: Includes scripted version (with glowing butt) and non-scripted version

YakisobaPan 2 :: Butagoya Piggie House :: Includes plain (right) and yankii (left) versions

YakisobaPan 3 :: Temage no Muffler :: Resizable mesh

YakisobaPan 4 :: Mieru Vision Device :: Includes tofu (beige) and virtual (red) versions

YakisobaPan 5 :: Y-A-N-F-E-S :: Includes naked (steel) and painted (red) versions

c*C*c (Kamo)

Folding Fan :: Includes holding and fanning animations for men and women


AMISAN A :: White; resizable mesh
AMISAN B :: Snake texture; resizable mesh

AMISAN ver-KURA-YA :: Floral; resizable mesh



yanky_sit_senkouhanabi :: Pose prop with automatic sit

Hamster Shop (miaikuu)

(1) :: School Bag
(2) :: School Bag (with sticker)

(3) :: Spark Pipe :: Triggers bento animation for hand; particles activate when you walk

(4) :: Yankee Mart

(5) :: Katsu :: Pose prop and katsu giver (clicking on katsu gives mouthie)

Kumaki Glasses Style

TypingComb/Yan-Fes :: Hair combing animation activates when you type

:::Last Ride:::

Bad Biker Uniform/Yan-Fes :: One-size, one-piece uniform includes jacket, ribbons, and shoes; includes HUD with 6 different animations for ribbons


(left to right, top to bottom) bridge, agura, sword_play, 
Chair_sit, hikae, holding_arm, 
Rolling_kick, lie, swim,
Pose pack includes pose stand

*:Ma cherie:*

Name_Plate :: Includes texture change HUD with 9 different textures


Yanfes!! waru no pan matsuri sara :: Plates in 8 textures

merikari (karindao)

ChikuwaPan :: ChikuMilk :: Includes handheld and mouthie versions

YakichikuPan :: HINOMARU Bentou :: Includes chopsticks; clicking on the bento box triggers six different eating animations (normal, maze-maze, fuu-fuu, kodomo, ikki)

Chikuwa :: pi-ta-pan :: Television screen for face
Chikuwa 2 :: Tochigi :: Television screen for face
Chikuwa 3 :: Fesski-News :: Television screen for face

-Milk Hall-

y-pose1, y-pose2, y-pose3


Dainibotan :: Mouthie

Sakka's Studio

YOSAKO Hair Band

Wara-Yan kun :: Full-body mesh avatar

Secret Society -BIRD- (kumibou mayo)

YanFes Choker -I Love You- :: Includes gold and silver versions fitted for men and women

Yakisoba-Pan Basket

ZEAK RACING (zeak beck)

Tabaco Zihanki :: Cigarette vending machine; clicking on it gives you a wearable cigarette with particles

Z'z (japanesezero)

Butterfly Comb


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