Friday, January 20, 2017

SOULEIADO 3rd Anniversary Event

Today is a sad, sad day in America. So I'm here to show you something fun from Japan!

January 20th marks the 3rd anniversary of the Japanese SOULEIADO SIM. In celebration of this milestone, there is a small event with booths offering new and exclusive items, gachas, and several lucky boards!

The event runs from January 20th, 2017 to February 15th, 2017, so you have plenty of time to scope out the wares, grab some great deals, and win prizes. On the official event site you can find the list of participating stores, and in the SOULEIADO Flickr group you can find some vendor ads.

Lucky Boards by Petit Chambre, !eve!4, and OLQINU

Below the cut are pictures of the stalls at the event. Please note that one of the stalls is not yet set up, and a few stalls have gachas that are coming soon!

Emotion Icons :: L$39 each (also available as LB prizes)

Cross Decorations :: L$50 each
Kawaii Mask Gacha :: L$30/play
Cash Necklace Gacha :: L$50/play
Beanie Gacha :: L$50/play
Yamikawa Gacha :: Coming soon
Mask Gacha :: L$30/play

Petit Chambre
Gothic Rose Nail Applier :: L$50/set, for Maitreya only
Kanji Tattoos :: L$75, for Maitreya only
Butterfly Nail Applier :: $L50, for Maitreya only
Hime Nail Applier :: L$50, for Maitreya only

who what
Sweets Gun Gacha :: L$48/play

Bone Gacha :: L$30/play
Onigiri Accessory Gacha :: L$20/play
Bansouko (Bandage) Gacha :: $20/play
Onigiri-Maru Gacha :: $60/play

Bento Hand Poses :: L$150/box (poses on right include strawberry)

Outfit :: L$300 for fatpack; for Maitreya only; demo available

*SR Design*
Stellar Breeze Window Gacha :: L$80/play
Falling Particles :: L$380 each; feathers, snow, stars, sakura petals, leaves, bubbles

Black GOEN Bracelet Gacha :: $L30/play
White GOEN Bracelet Gacha ::  L$30/play
Bunny Muff Gacha :: L$50/play
Snow Scoop Gacha :: L$25/play
Chocolate Factory Gacha :: L$50/play

-00- W ZERO
Animal Fairy Panda Avatar :: L$200 each
Mini Kotatsu :: L$150
Assorted Animal Fairy Costumes :: L$150 each
Animal Fairy Avatar Gacha :: L$50/play
Pig Animal Fairy Avatar :: L$200 each, pink and white

Fruit Daifuku Set :: L$50

Rea Rose
PaniPani Two-Piece Set :: L$30 each, standard sizing only
PaniPani Big T-Shirt :: L$50 each, standard sizing only

Underage Blush :: L$50, Omega appliers
Maria Dress :: L$249/pack; for Maitreya only; demo available
Cherry Blossom Accessory Set :: L$199 each

Wo Ai Ni Top :: L$220 each, L$1500 for fatpack; one-size FitMesh

TUITATE (Japanese Partition) Gacha :: L$50/play

Butler AO :: L$450
Butler AO Add-Ons :: L$200 each
Butler Host AO :: L$500
Wolf Cane and AO :: L$350 each, gold and silver
Typing Face Shine Override ::
Butler Tea Set and AO :: L$650

Area 51 Mesh Backdrop :: L$49; 11 land impact
Integer Mesh Backdrop :: L$149; 36 land impact
June Gloom Mesh Eyes :: L$69 each
Go Away Mesh Eyes :: L$69 each
Disintegration Nosering Gacha :: L$39/play

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