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CADERU Valentine 2017 Market & Hunt ~ Advanced Guide

Happy February, everyone! If you're single like me, this month is kind of a bummer in RL, but Second Life has you covered! The CADERU SIM is hosting a market and game from February 1st to March 3rd, which you can read more about on my Offbeatevents post or the official SIM site

Below I'm showing just a few of the 20 awesome prizes you can pick up in the game. Keep reading below the cut for a comprehensive guide to the game!

If you want to avoid spoilers at all cost, here are the basics:
  • In the market area, there are two pairs of double doors that lead to the hunt area. Teleport through either pair.
  • There are two game HUDs. One is for catching floating hearts in the courtyard, and the other is for collecting stamps in the forest. To get the first HUD, talk to Cupid and click the sign behind her.
  • You need to collect 100 hearts in the courtyard. Once you've collected all of the hearts, you'll need to proceed to the forest.
  • Click on the copper mug to get the second HUD. You need to find 20 heart-shaped objects in the forest. Each one will give you a stamp that corresponds to one of the 20 merchants. You can redeem those stamps for prizes by clicking on the prize claim sign at each booth back at the market.
Happy Hunting!

Check out the full resolution image on my Flickr.


Head & Skin Applier - ARATA :: SKIN 07 for Catya+Lara (TONE 1) :: Includes Catwa face applier, three eyebrow colors, no-brow option, and Maitreya body applier
Mesh Head - Catwa :: Catya v2.08 :: Bento; includes animation HUD and master HUD
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara 3.5
Hair - [Mello] :: Lunar Phase - Black Magic :: Midnight Mania prize (no group needed); includes versions with and without horns; includes color change HUDs for hair and horns
Eyes - The Sugar Garden :: Vanity Eyes v2 - Black Heart :: Group gift (L$250 join fee); includes system layers and mesh lenses; includes two versions in two styles (black and black heart) 
Puffy Eye Makeup - hsh :: weep for xxx Makeup :: Group gift (L$100 join fee); Catwa applier only
Nails - [peche] :: CADERU ValentineNail Hunt :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize; includes Maitreya and Slink appliers


Sweater - [peche] :: [Caderu] Pink Sweater Maitreya :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize; includes standard sizing; one FitMesh size, and Maitreya and Slink versions
Eyepatch, Mask, & Necklace - OLQINU :: My Bloody Valentine :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize
Earrings - c*C*c :: Heartpiace :: CADERU Valentine Hunt prize
Pose - Poseidon :: Harley 15 :: L$50; includes pose, poseball, and baseball bat


Keep reading below for a comprehensive guide to the game!

Step 1: Getting to the Market

Landing Point
When you land, you'll see a bunch of moving pink arrows on the floor. You'll also receive a system message asking you to allow the SIM to enter you into an experience. Say yes; you can't complete the hunt otherwise. Follow the pink arrows into the tunnel, where you'll find the market area.

Market Area
There are tons of Valentine-themed goodies for sale here, and there are a few lucky boards, too! You can also see what prize each merchant has to offer for the hunt; there are photos of the prizes at each stall. (Alternatively, you can find pictures of the prizes on the official website.)

On the left and right sides of the market are double doors. This is where the hunt starts. It doesn't matter which pair of doors you choose; they both teleport you to the same place. Click on the doors and sit on the portal.

Step 2: Starting the Hunt

In the next room, you'll find two boards with script checkers and a signboard informing you to accept the experience (if you haven't already). Keep walking past these signs and you'll find a lady. The screen ominously darkens as you approach her...

Step 3: Meeting the Goddess

You'll be teleported to a little room that is directly above the market area. Proceed toward the lady again and click on her.

...And she'll tell you a story of great woe. Once every year, she must gather up the power of hearts around the world, but she's having trouble collecting the hearts this year. That's where you come in! She'll introduce you to Cupid, who will be your guide on this journey.

Step 4: Cupid in Crisis

Click on the little cherub (representing Cupid) to cue a cute little scene between Cupid and her friend, Little Devil. The mischievous little runt has his own ideas about this time of year, and he's determined to make your task a difficult one.

Step into the light and you'll find Cupid again. She gives you a bottle with which to collect all of the hearts that Little Devil has released. To actually get the bottle, click on the pink HUD giver, which will give you a folder containing the hunt HUD and three nets (small, medium, and large). Equip the HUD and one of the nets, and then proceed into the courtyard area.

Step 5: Let's Steal Some Hearts!

Hearts, hearts, everywhere! Click on the drifting hearts to collect them in your bottle. The HUD keeps track of how many hearts you've collected. To proceed, you'll need exactly 100 hearts. The red hearts actually count as 5 hearts in your HUD, so grab those the minute you see them; it'll make this part much quicker!

Once you've filled your bottle to the brim, follow the wooden arrow sign into a cave adorned by flowers.

Click on Cupid for another scene with Little Devil. Nasty little bugger--he's stealing the hearts! Follow the trail of hearts to the "secret hideout."

Step 6: Into the Woods

You'll find yourself in a forest populated by toy trains, gingerbread houses, and talking mugs. Click on Little Devil (i.e., purple version of Cupid). He's contrite about having caused all that trouble, and he apologizes to you and Cupid for stealing the hearts. Unfortunately, however, he hid the hearts all over the forest and can't remember where he put them! 

Talk to the silver mug behind Little Devil. He'll instruct you to go talk to the copper mug and inform you that you need to find 20 hearts in this forest.

If you collected all 100 hearts in the courtyard, the copper mug will offer you a notepad HUD and tell you that for each "real" heart you collect, you'll get a stamp on the notepad that you can use to redeem prizes. Attach the notepad HUD and click on the teal heart above the copper mug to get your first heart! Unfortunately, finding the rest won't be so easy...

Step 7: Get Your Hunt On

While some of the hearts you need to find look just like the ones you collected in the courtyard, many of the hearts will be disguised as other things. In the screenshot above, there are two hearts. Click on each of them to get a stamp. I'm not going to disclose the locations of all of the hearts (what would be the fun in that?), but here are some helpful hints:
  1. Turn up your object LOD factor and look in every nook and cranny.
  2. There are a couple decoy hearts.
  3. A few hearts are hidden inside objects (but they're at least partially visible from the outside).
  4. Your heart may not be made of stone, but some of the hearts you seek are.
  5. Perhaps the hardest heart to find is the one hidden under the staircase (for the shop OLQINU). It's black and it blends into the staircase completely, so survey that area very carefully.
  6. Each heart corresponds to a stamp from a given store. In the screenshot above, I have obtained the hearts/stamps from Ade-Yakko and JuryPoP. If you return to the market area and hover your cursor over the hunt prize, a number will be displayed. That number may or may not be useful in finding the heart for that shop.
Once you've gotten the stamps you want, click on the door that says "This way out", and you'll be transported back to the market where you can claim your prizes.

Step 8: Prize Claim

Click on the prize vendor to claim your prize!
UPDATE: The prize giver for Ade-Yakko is now working.


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