Saturday, October 15, 2016

[Panic of Pumpkin] October 16th

I hope you all are having a great mid-October weekend!

Today, the creators of the Panic of Pumpkin event have put out two fantastic prizes for you to find in their Trick or Treat hunt. One of them is by the event coordinator, MORE Laville, owner of ++Twilight++. Many thanks to them!

The first prize I'm showing is this highly detailed witch hat by Le Muguet. The second prize is a staff that comes in five versions, each with an adorable animation. The candle inside the pumpkin on the staff flickers on and off, and for versions 1-4, the staff bobs up and down, giving the illusion of flying, even when you're walking on land.

These prizes are available for free only until October 16, 7:59 am SLT, after which you can purchase them from the merchant stalls for L$50 each.

Hat - Le Muguet :: Witch Hat for Halloween
Candle Staff with Poses - ++Twilight++ :: The Candle!! 1-5 :: Includes 5 wearable versions, each with its own animation
Other Items - Style Card

And here are the hints. Happy Halloween hunting!

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