Thursday, October 27, 2016

[Panic of Pumpkin, Alice Project, G*Field, SaNaRae] October 22nd - 28th

Greetings, dear readers. I have tons of brand new, free, Halloween-related releases to show you today, so hold onto your socks!

The special Halloween round of SaNaRae just opened up yesterday, and almost every merchant has a free gift for the occasion. All you need to do is join the (free) SaNaRae group and click on the orange pumpkins to receive your gifts. Some of the stalls are still under construction, so there might be more gifts on the way. This round runs until November 18th. I'm showing you only a tiny sampling of the gifts you can find. (If I have time, though, I'll make a collage with all the gifts--stay tuned!)

On October 25th, Alice Project began its annual Halloween Massacre Special, which runs through October 31st. Each day, you can grab a new blood-splattered hair style for free! Each hair style includes three color packs (naturals and two special color packs). If you missed a previous day's hairstyle, you can purchase all three color packs for a mere L$50. Read more about this event on my Offbeatsl post.

Today, G Field released their free 2016 Halloween costume, which is available as a group gift. The group is free to join. Just inside the entrance, you'll find an information desk, and the gift giver is to the left. Mere meters away from the group gift giver is a pile of G Field's Halloween costumes from past years; they're all free, and they require no group.

Last but not certainly not least, the Trick or Treat Hunt at the Panic of Pumpkin event is offering up some incredible prizes! Alas, I've neglected to blog the prizes in a timely manner for the past week (-insert lame excuse here-), but you can still grab all of the past prizes (from October 22nd to 27th) for L$50 each at the merchant stalls at the event. Some of the stalls do not yet have the past prizes out for purchase, but I assure you that they will be out before the end of the event (October 31st)!

If you're reading this post before October 28th, 7:59 am SLT, you're in luck! The Trick or Treat Hunt prize for today is a kawaii/kowai FREE mesh head and skin set by .offbeat.! The set includes a system skin, a Maitreya applier, and a hairbase HUD. The official hint for this prize is "Coming Soon???" Please note that this is an actual hint and NOT a placeholder for a hint. Here's a more pointed hint by me: Look for an empty stall that says "Coming soon".

TL;DR: FREE STUFF BONANZA! Keep reading for exclusive Halloween treats!


Mesh Head & Appliers - .offbeat. :: Tokyo Girl Head Blood Face :: Panic of Pumpkin Trick or Treat Hunt prize (October 28th); includes mesh head, Maitreya applier, system skin, and hairbase HUD
Hair - Alice Project :: Faye - Halloween Pack :: Free Halloween Massacre Special (October 26th); includes rigged and nonrigged versions; includes three "Bloody Colors" HUDs
Eyes - {Demicorn} :: Pumpkin Eyes - Gift :: Group gift @ SaNaRae (free to join); includes system eyes and mesh lenses
Bruises - UrbanStreet :: BruiseKnees :: Group gift @ SaNaRae; includes black and red versions; includes system layers and Omega appliers
Dress, Boots, and Scythe - G Field :: 2016 Halloween Death Girl :: Group gift (free to join); includes two Fitmesh versions (one normal, one flat-chested) and Maitreya version; shoes fit classic and mesh avatars
Balloon - DownDownDown :: Pumpkin Balloon(Red) :: Free gift @ Panic of Pumpkin
Spider on Head - ~silentsparrow~ :: Ghost Spid-eek! Spider Hat (Animated) :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 24th); includes animated and static versions
Following Spider - ~silentsparrow~ :: Ghost Spid-eek! Spider Follow Friend (Animated) :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 24th)
Held Spider - ~silentsparrow~ :: Ghost Spid-eek! Snuggle Spider (Animated) :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 24th); includes animated and static versions
Ghost Friend - Fuubutsu Dou! :: Pumpkin Panic Ghost :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 27th)
Pose - chouette :: Halloween Hunt1 :: Free Halloween Hunt prize (look for the pumpkins)
Skybox - reldesign :: Halloween Box :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 22nd)
Cat Portrait - +Sixth+ :: +Ohagi Frame Alice Prize :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 25th)

But wait, there's more!

Wagashi on Plates - Schadenfreude :: 4 Pumpkin Wagashi (plate) :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 23rd); includes grouped version and four single-plate versions; plates give wagashi on touch
Wagashi in Hand - Schadenfreude :: Pumpkin Wagashi (eat) :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 23rd); includes orange, purple, blue, and green versions; equipping the wagashi triggers an eating animation
Mouth Wagashi - Schadenfreude :: Pumpkin Wagashi (mouth) :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 23rd); includes orange, purple, blue, and green versions

Nails - +Sixth+ :: Halloween_prize Nail HUD :: Pumpkin of Panic ToT Hunt prize (October 26th); Slink applier only

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