Saturday, August 20, 2016

POTETO Summer Festival

Today marks the start of the POTETO Summer Festival, where you can pick up a bunch of awesome gifts and potentially make some lindens. Be sure to check out the event as soon as possible, because it lasts one day only (or at least the DJ events and the linden giveaways do).

You can find the official post about the event in Japanese and English here, a preview of all the free gifts here, and a promotional video here.

Before you teleport into the SIM, you'll want to lower your script count as much as possible by removing AOs, HUDs, and scripted items. Because the event is one day only, the region is packed with people clamoring to get lindens.

Once you arrive at the SIM, walk up the stairs and head toward the giant festival stall. Join the free POTETO group (called "Betty Box") by clicking on one of the the group joiners positioned on the bottom of the stall. Alternately, you can just enter this SLURL into group chat: secondlife:///app/group/a5e4cb34-1172-d255-62ac-1f426fa679b2/about

The gifts are located near the top of the festival stall, where the DJ booth is. You don't need to be in the group to get the gifts, but you do to get the free lindens.

A total of $L20,000 is being given away through lucky boards and chat camps. There are four lucky boards that give away L$10 each and refresh every two minutes. To be eligible for the chat prize camps, you need to be withing 20 meters of the festival stall and be actively chatting Nearby Chat. Every minute, the camper will randomly give away $L10 to a chatter, and every 20 minutes, the camper will randomly give away a whopping $L500.

Nearby the festival stall is a diner with dozens of lucky boards featuring really cool items, including an animated PT-10 droid that follows you around! You need to wear your group tag to claim the prizes, but unlike the other stuff in this event, these lucky boards are permanent, so feel free to come back after the event is over.


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