Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ghosts! At CADERU


Skin - Pink Fuel :: Kumi <Vanilla> Pure (dkbrow)
Shape - My own
Eyes - The Sugar Garden :: Dark Skies (Dark Brown) :: Group gift (L$250 join fee)
Hair - LALA Moon :: Abigayle [Black]
White Ghost Tattoo - [peche] :: bake_white :: Freebie @ CADERU, comes in a set of six colors
Blood Tattoo - [peche] :: Spurt of Blood :: Freebie @ CADERU, comes in a set with four other horror-themed tattoos


Yukata - Ade yakko :: CADERU Bloody Yukata :: @ CADERU
Necklace - OLQINU :: bloodfest eyeball necklace :: Free prize @ CADERU, comes in a set with other accessories
Hands on Shoulders & Pose - [peche] :: Usirono Momocyan :: Free prize @ CADERU, two male and two female poses

Howdy, folks! Today, I’m going to tell you about a small Japanese event that’s going on! It’s called CADERU, and it involves both a small, Obon-themed market and a hunt. The event runs from August 10th to September 10th, so you have plenty of time to explore the SIM, go shopping, and get some really cute prizes!

For a complete preview of all the prizes, check the official site here:

The hunt is pretty simple, but the instructions are exclusively in Japanese. Keep reading beneath the cut for my guide to the event!


Landing Point
Instruction Wall
After arriving at the landing point, follow the blue arrow and read the instructions. Head through the instruction wall to get to the main area. You’ll find a map on the wall indicating your location, the location of the market, and a secret place labeled “???” The secret place is where you need to go to pick up your hunt HUD and access the hunt area.

Once you get to the market, head toward the back of the stalls to a place where there are two ghosts with “Click Me!” signs over their heads. The ghost at the stall will give you some information about the hunt (in Japanese). Basically, the ghosts are missing some very important memories, and it’s up to you to find those memories. Each memory will earn you one coin. At the different stalls in the market area, you’ll find prize givers; each prize costs exactly three coins.

Information Ghost
Free Face Tattoos!
Grab the freebies from the stall here; there are some really cool horror-themed face tattoos. Once you’re ready, click the ghost that’s hovering over some boxes. It will give you the hunt HUD and some cool glowy ghost avatars in a package. Simply wear/add the package to unpack the contents. Attach the HUD and follow the blue arrows through the wall to the portal.

HUD-giving Ghost
Walk through the wall!
Door to Hunt Area
You’ll be transported to a cemetery area where the ghosts’ memories are scattered about in the form of semi-transparent blue objects. Click on the objects to retrieve the ghosts’ memories. When I did the hunt, I found 36 objects, but there might be more (considering that there are 14 prizes, each one priced at 3 coins, it would make sense if there were 42 objects total). You can earn a coin from each object only once, but you can always unpack the HUD box again to get a new HUD and click on the same objects! I suggest setting your Windlight settings to Midday to best see the objects.

Hunt Landing Point
Hunt HUD
Hunt Object: Bouquet
Hunt Object: Ring Box

Once you’re done hunting, follow the red arrow to teleport back to the market area. Keep your HUD on as you browse the market and claim your prizes.

Return to Market

Happy Hunting!

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