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[Otogi Emaki] - Japanese Fairytale Event Guide

Kimono - Irodori :: Yukata Set for Otogi Emaki :: Free prize @ Otogi Emaki, includes hair and hair accessories (not pictured)
Umbrella - R&G :: Otogi Emaki Wagasa Turu :: Free prize @ Otogi Emaki, red rabbit version included
Wearable Dragon Ride - CAT: CYOCO'S ART TIME :: Japan Ryu_anime2016(worn) :: Free prize @ Otogo Emaki, includes handheld drum
Hair - Tukinowaguma :: Izumi :: Free prize @ Otogi Emaki, includes floral hair accessories (not pictured)
Kanzashi (Hair Sticks) - Kokorotayori :: Chibikin Kanzashi 2016A :: Free prize @ Otogi Emaki, includes floral version
Hair Ribbon - Sakka's Studio :: Jp-ribbon - purple :: Free prize @ Otogi Emaki, includes green, mint, red, and orange versions

Mesh Head - LOGO :: Alex
Skin/Applier - Modish :: Mia (skt00)
Lip Applier - Pink Fuel :: Kiyomi (dark pink dolly gloss)
Shape - My own


I interrupt this regularly scheduled freebie broadcast to show you...more freebies!

Well, sort of. These freebies you have to work for, but the work is actually a game! The creators at the Milky House Kimono Shop are running a super-fun, special event called Otogi Emaki from July 15th to August 31st. The theme of the event is Japanese folk tales, and there are eight quests/mini-games you can play to score coupons to spend on prizes (see below)! However, no matter how many coupons you have, you must click all eight quest signboards first before you can cash in your coupons for prizes.

To get started, teleport to the Otogi Emaki start point, pick up the game HUD and attach it, and then read the instructions. To activate a quest, you first have to find a signboard displaying the quest and click on it. There are instructions in Japanese and English on the signs, and if you click the storybook, you'll get an external link that leads you to the folktale on which the quest is based. (The English translations are surprisingly good.) Reading the folktale isn't requisite to completing the task, but it's fun and it gives you some context to the quests. The quest booths are spread out over several Milky House SIMs, so you'll have to do a bit of searching (or, if you keep reading, you can use the landmarks I've provided). You can complete the quests in any order as many times as you like, but the easiest one to locate is the quest booth opposite the HUD-giver at the landing spot.

Landing Spot

First quest signboard

If you ever get lost, click the Teleport button on the HUD, and you'll go back to the landing spot. Click the Quest & Story button to read the folktales associated with the quests you've already activated.

Once you've gathered up some coupons, go to the Prize Claim area to redeem your prizes! There are TONS of prizes as you can see above, and each one costs only one coupon.

I strongly encourage you to take the time and explore the beautiful Milky House SIMs, take a look at the Kimono Festa event that's going on, and browse the goods for sale. But if you want a complete guide to all the quests, where to find them, and how to most efficiently rake in coupons, keep reading under the cut! 

Arranged from easiest to hardest, here are guides to all the quests, with pictures! While the first three are good if you just want to rack up coupons as quickly as possible, the Momotaro quest is extremely fun and hilarious; I highly recommend it.

Hanasaka Jiisan - Teleport

Difficulty: Easy
Quest Duration: Short
Skills Needed: Patience
Payoff: 1 coupon
Description: Help Jiisan sweep the grounds!
  • After clicking on the quest signboard, click on one of the two cute bears and allow them to attach the broom to your avatar.
  • Your avatar will automatically start sweeping. There's a time counter above the broom indicating how much longer until the task is finished.
  • Once 180 seconds have elapsed, the broom will automatically detach and you'll receive a coupon.

Tsuru no Ongaeshi - Teleport

Difficulty: Easy
Quest Duration: Short
Skills Needed: Luck, patience
Payoff: 1 coupon
Description: It's time to weave some fabric!
  • Activate the quest by clicking on the signboard.
  • Sit at one of the looms in the room behind the signboard. Your avatar will start weaving automatically.
  • Inevitably, you'll mess up and have to start over again, but after two minutes or so, you should have a finished product. You'll be granted a coupon automatically.

Suzie Homemaker I am not.

Japanese Fairy Tale Quiz - Teleport

Difficulty: Easy
Quest Duration: Short
Skills Needed: Common sense
Payoff: 1 coupon
Description: How much do you know about Japanese folklore? Nothing? That's totally fine! 
  • Activate the quest by clicking on the signboard. You'll be asked to sit down at one of the "picture scrolls."
  • Sit down at one of the benches or mats behind you that has a scroll on it. A script will generate a random series of multiple-choice questions about Japanese fairy tales.
  • You need to answer at least 5 questions correctly to get your coupon. You have the option to pass a question if you don't know the answer, but the hints underneath the choices make it painfully obvious which answer is correct. Depending on your reading speed, this can easily be the quickest and easiest way to get coupons.

Warashibe Choja - Teleport

Difficulty: Easy
Quest Duration: Moderate
Skills Needed: Wayfinding, luck, patience
Payoff: 1 coupon
Description: Trade goods with the cute residents of Milky House!
  • Upon clicking the quest signboard, you'll be given a piece of straw that will show up in your HUD. The goal of this quest is to get a Rank 1 item (higher numbers = lower ranks). Click on the cute bear beside the board to make your first trade. 
  • You'll then need to search the Milky House SIMs for other cute residents to trade with. The residents will trade you (1) an item of the same rank, (2) an item one rank higher, or (3) an item one rank lower. You can trade with a particular resident only once every 30 minutes, but don't worry; there are plenty of residents to be found if you look hard enough. They can be found in the gardens, out of the way, and even inside the Milky Kimono House store itself. 
  • If you get a bunch of bad trades in a row, the residents will give you hints as to which resident wants the item you currently have, which is shown in the HUD. 
  • Once you obtain a Rank 1 item, you get a coupon. To do the quest again, teleport back to the signboard and click it again to get your low-rank item.
  • This is a great quest to undertake while searching/doing the other quests, as it requires you to explore all of the SIMs.

Princess Kaguya - Teleport

Difficulty: Moderate
Quest Duration: Short to Moderate
Skills Needed: Patience, fast reaction time
Payoff: 1 coupon
Description: Princess Kaguya is hiding in one of the bamboo stalks. Find her to get a coupon!
  • Activate the quest by clicking on the signboard. Make sure you have your atmospheric shaders turned on. 
  • In the area immediately around the signboard, you'll see a bunch of bamboo stalks whose segments will intermittently light up yellow. Click the segment when it's yellow and glowing. 
  • The vast majority of the time, you'll be rewarded with a concrete pipe, cabinet, pot, or other heavy, breakable object to the head, but if you keep clicking and luck out, you'll receive a bamboo stalk to attach to your head. The attachment will then give you one coupon.

Urashima Taro - Teleport

Difficulty: Moderate
Quest Duration: Short
Skills Needed: Hand-eye coordination, vehicle navigation, resistance to motion sickness
Payoff: 1 coupon
Description: Take on the role of Urashima Taro and fly your turtle to Otohime at Ryugu Castle!
  • After clicking on the signboard, allow the HUD to teleport you.
  • The goal is to ride a turtle to a castle in the sky, where Cat Otohime is waiting for her lover.
  • Click on the sign that is in English to get a texture explaining how to operate the turtle. This part is pretty self-explanatory, so I won't get too much into it here.
  • When you're ready, click on the turtle and sit on the new turtle that rezzes. I recommend accepting the invitation to add the navigation map to your screen.
  • The castle is visible from the platform. Once you're off the platform, the turtle will naturally descend; the trick is to control the acceleration so that you get a good running start off of the platform but then decelerate enough so that you slowly glide onto the castle platform.
  • My strategy is to ramp up the acceleration with the E (or Page Up) key, go into mouselook mode, and then use the up and down arrow keys while decelerating with the C (or Page Down) key to keep the castle in the center of the screen. There's no way to ascend, so if you find yourself below the castle, just allow yourself to drop, and the system will automatically teleport you back to the quest starting point.
  • Once you land on the castle platform, stand up from the turtle and click on the cat to get your coupon.

Navigation map is in upper left corner.

Omusubi Kororin - Teleport

Difficulty: Hard
Quest Duration: Short to Moderate, depending on skill level
Skills Needed: Hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity
Payoff: 1 coupon
Description: Travel to the land of mice and roll giant rice balls into holes!
  • After clicking the quest signboard, allow it to teleport you. You'll end up in an enclosed area with two onigiri (rice ball) givers and three target holes. 
  • Click on one of the onigiri givers (I recommend the one for beginners) to rez your onigiri, and then click on the giant onigiri to start manipulating it. The signboard behind the onigiri givers indicates which buttons to press to jump, roll, and react depending on the type of onigiri that was rezzed. Use these buttons while navigating your avatar to roll the onigiri into one of the three target holes, and you'll be rewarded with a coupon. 
  • I am absolutely terrible at this game, so I have no handy tips, but if this happens to be your sort of thing, there's a high score board for shortest times! 
  • If you take too long to manipulate the onigiri, it'll expire and you'll have to rez a new one.

Momotaro - Teleport

Difficulty: Hard
Quest Duration: Long
Skills Needed: Luck, patience, JRPG strategy
Payoff: 3 coupons
Description: Easily the most complex and fun quest, the Momotaro quest uses Final Fantasy-like game mechanics and contains several humorous pop culture references. Grab a weapon and fight ogres on Demon Island to reclaim your grandparents' "pension records" and defend your "Layabout Life"!
  • Click the sign and allow it to attach a HUD to your screen. The HUD has two primary panels: one for displaying your party's HP, and one for displaying dialogue. 
  • Head into the house behind the quest signboard and sit down on one of the cushions. Text will appear on the HUD; click the "Next" button to advance the dialogue. Grandma will give you kibi dumplings, and Grandpa will let you choose a weapon: katana, Excalibur, or...a light saber (attached to an electrical outlet, no less!). 
  • Attach your weapon of choice, and then leave the house and follow the arrows to a little building with slot machines. The signs have instructions on how to use the machine, but I'll elaborate here. You need to use Grandma's kibi dumplings as tokens to buy the services of three soldiers (dog, monkey, pheasant). The minimum cost is 1 dumpling per soldier (and you need all three), but you can increase the odds of getting stronger, higher-level soldiers by betting more dumplings. Use the arrows on the slot machine to increase or decrease the ante, and click the "Spin" button. Your comrades will appear behind you; above them will be text indicating their level.
  • Each party member has three commands: attack, ability, and kibi dumpling. The ability varies depending on the member. You can Run Away; Dog can use Puppy Dog Eyes (which weakens the ogres), Monkey can use Mimic (which copies an enemy's attack and then attacks), and Pheasant can use Dance (which regenerates the entire party's HP). There is a high chance that a party member will fail at using the ability, but I think the higher the member's level, the better their chance of succeeding (and the more damage they do). Use this information to bet your kibi dumplings accordingly! (I recommend saving a couple dumplings to use in battle.)
  • Proceed to the dock and sit on one of the boats. You'll be teleported to Demon Island, where you'll encounter three ogres. After a brief conversation with Oni I, the battle will start.
  • Control your characters (and yourself) by clicking on their name in the HUD and selecting a command in the leftmost panel. The order in which you issue commands doesn't matter; the turns are random (I think!). Use kibi dumplings to randomly restore the HP of one of your party members. After you input everyone's commands, the battle will advance automatically until everyone has attacked. Rinse and repeat until all the ogres are dead or your entire party perishes.
  • If your party perishes, you'll have to return to the quest signboard, let the system attach a new HUD, and start all over again.


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