Thursday, July 28, 2016

Moonlight Kingdom

Today I'm showing you a selection of gorgeous freebies that you'll have to act fast to grab. The first is this full-permission dress by mesh artisan Meli Imako. It's a group gift only for the month of July. You can find it inworld here; the group is free to join. If it's past July by the time you read this post, though, or if you're out of group slots, you can also purchase it for L$50 on the Marketplace.

Next are the head jewel by Dichotomy and this out-of-this-world ombre hair by Love, both of which can be found at the Hair Fair, which also ends soon! The hair comes with an HUD loaded with tons of vibrant ombres and an HUD to change the metal color of the headband.

The adorable bracelets are by Astralia and are completely free at The Epiphany event, which ends in August. Look for a golden giftbox by the Astralia gacha booth and treat yourself to a color changeable set of daisies!

Finally, check out this awesome mesh head by Boatoam. I blogged one of their other free mesh heads, Yuri, earlier. This one comes with an HUD with three makeup options. It's perfect if you're going for that anime look!

Grab these lovelies while you can!


Mesh Head & Skin - Boataom :: Airi :: Freebie, comes with HUD for changing makeup/eyebrows
Shape - My own
Hair - Love :: Wandering Love :: Free @ Hair Fair, comes with vibrant ombres HUD and metal color change HUD for headband
Eyes - The Sugar Garden :: Star Gazer Rainbow :: Group gift (L$250 fee to join)
Nails - Leverocci :: Round Nails_1FA_PinkNudeGradient :: Shop closed(?)


Dress - Meli Imako :: Strapless Dress with Rose Embroidery (Fitmesh) :: Free group gift, full permissions (comes with developer's kit), mesh body compatible versions also included
Flower Headdress - Indulge Temptation! :: Carmela Crown Paper Carnations :: Free SLF&O gift
Bracelets - Astralia :: Daisy Bracelet :: Free @ The Epiphany, comes with HUD for changing petal and metal colors
Necklace - FlugeIn Brise :: AngelEgg :: $L60
Wings - FlugeIn Brise :: Orca_Aqua 
Head Jewel - Dichotomy :: Mun Jewel :: Free @ Hair Fair, comes with color change HUD

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