Wednesday, November 2, 2016

[Panic of Pumpkin] October 29th - 31st

Happy Post-Halloween Hangover, everyone! 8D

My apologies for falling behind on the Panic of Pumpkin Trick or Treat Hunt posts and the other Halloween-themed posts in general. This weekend, I got really sick, so there was no Halloween fun for me. I think I was a little too ambitious when I set the goal of covering as many Halloween events as possible, so looking forward, I'm going to be more cautious about what I say I'm going to blog, and I'm officially ending my Halloween-event-specific posts.

As for the NOWHERE Game and Hunt, however, you needn't worry! I still plan on finishing up the rest of the series. I already have some of the pictures I need, and I'll continue adding previews as the prizes continue to roll in. (The event runs until November 20th, so there's plenty of time for the creators to add more prizes--and for you to play the game!)

Below I'm finishing up my coverage on the Panic of Pumpkin event. As of the moment of this post, the Panic of Pumpkin SIM is still up, and you can snag all the past prizes except for the one given on the 31st by *katat0nik* (by the time you read this, however, it might be set out for sale). Simply find the little tree stump vendor next to each merchant's stall and purchase the prize for L$50. I'm also showing a few of the freebies/cheapies you can get at Panic of Pumpkin. If you haven't gotten them already, hurry over before the SIM is taken down!


Hair - Alice Project :: Eliza - Halloween Pack :: L$50 Halloween Massacre Special (October 31st); includes rigged and nonrigged versions; includes three "Bloody Colors" HUDs
Face & Body Tattoos - Titzuki :: voodoo queen / black :: Panic of Pumpkin Trick or Treat Hunt prize (October 29th); includes separate system layers, TMP appliers, and Omega appliers for top and face
Nails - +Olive+ :: Nail**Halloween 2016* :: Panic of Pumpkin Trick or Treat Hunt prize (October 30th); includes Maitreya and Slink appliers; includes purple, blue, and orange versions for fingers and toes
Top - YOME SHOUJO :: [TOP_5] *HW-black+red* :: Free @ Panic of Pumpkin; standard sizing; includes matching skirt (not pictured)
Skirt - !creamSH! :: Kii Skirt - Black :: L$1 @ Panic of Pumpkin; standard sizing; includes pink versions
Heels - *Dilly Dolls* :: Glinda Heels :: Free Hocus Pocus prize; includes color change HUD; Maitreya and Slink compatible
Doll - *katat0nik* :: (Franken) Baby Doll - ToT Prize :: Panic of Pumpkin Trick or Treat Hunt prize (October 31st)

Other Credits

Mesh Head & Skin Appliers - remy&rowe :: Miki (Cream)
Mesh Head - LOGO :: Alex
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara

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