Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[Panic of Pumpkin] October 4th

And here's the hunt prize for October 4th from the Panic of Pumpkin event. Check out my hunt guide for more information.

Sorry for the delay! The SIM owner didn't put up a new hint and none of the doors seemed to be yielding prizes when I checked yesterday (October 3rd, SLT). Fortunately, though, I checked again just now (October 4th, 6:42 am SLT), and one of the doors is indeed ready to be knocked. :D

Since there is no official hint, here are a few I came up with myself.

HINTS: This shop sells clothing fit for a vampire king. Mind the cobwebs!
ヒント: ショップでは、吸血鬼の王のために服を販売しています。クモの巣に気をつけろ!

Choker & Headphones - Breath :: Music Player Choker (Halloween)

The choker is rigged mesh and can be worn separately from the earbuds, which include a rigged and mod versions. (The mod version cannot be resized, however).

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