Friday, September 30, 2016

[Panic of Pumpkin] Market

Hello, dear readers! Continuing with my coverage of the Pumpkin of Panic event, I'm posting pictures of all the merchant stalls along with details about the goods (and gifts!) for sale. There are several merchants missing at the moment, and some merchants will be adding more items.

I will continually update this list as more merchants move in.

Enjoy the window shopping!

Last update: October 5th, 2016, 9:11 am SLT

Ground Level

Halloween Ornaments Set :: L$200
Halloween Gacha :: Two rares, 10 commons :: L$66/play
A Line Maid Dress :: One size only; includes headband and shoes; red, green, black, blue :: L$280/color
Ribbon Accessories Set :: Choker and earrings; includes color change HUD :: L$150

 Halloween Witch Parfait :: L$50

Le Muguet
Camisole Dress :: Fitmesh (one size only); black, pink, white, pink floral, purple floral, white floral :: L$150/color
Gothic x Frill Gacha :: One rare, 14 commons :: L$65/play
Navy Camisole Dress :: Fitmesh (one size only) :: Free LB prize

More under the cut!

Rel Design
BlackBox Cat Skybox (10 prim) :: L$100
BlackBox Glass Skybox (6 prim) :: L$50
BlackBox Glass Skybox (24 prim) :: L$100

Last Ride
Qing Dynasty Outfit (Jiangshi) :: Two sizes; includes robes, tintable necklace, talisman, and hat :: L$200

Sakka's Studio
Curse of Death Kimono :: Fitmesh (one size only), six colors :: L$250/color
Curse of Death Geta :: Two colors :: L$100/color
Curse of Death Head Ornament :: L$80
Curse of Death Mirror & Comb (wearable) :: L$100
Curse of Death Hammer & Straw Doll (both wearable and rez) :: L$150
Curse of Death Sacred Tree :: L$80

Soiree Masque Gacha :: Each mask has 4 textures :: L$72/play

Happy Halloween Box (2010) :: Contains a "Happy Halloween" sign with flashing stars and bat particles :: Free

Level 1

Nail Applier :: Slink and Maitreya :: L$100/applier
Tights Applier :: Slink and Maitreya :: L$100/applier

Face Tattoo :: For [MINDS] group only :: Free
Pose Gift :: Contains 4 poses :: Free

ayame ame
Itoi Hair :: L$300/pack

Tsuru's Artefacts
Japanese Horror Tapestry gacha :: L$10/play

Frangipani Garden

Halloween Party gacha :: L$50/play

D-LAB and Andika
My Monstoro Stool :: L$200
Balloon Cart :: L$300

Xana's Witch Cottage :: L$50

Purple Majorica Outfit :: Fitmesh (one size only) :: L$230
Black Majorica Outfit :: Fitmesh (one size only) :: L$230

-00- W-ZERO
Familiar Kitty's Dress :: One size only; includes cat ears, tail, and necklace :: L$400/color

Tarot Reading Kitty :: Reads tarot cards in English and Japanese :: L$150/color
Devil Avatar Gacha :: L$50/play
Little Devil Friend Gacha :: L$40/play
Scary Clown Mask Gacha :: L$35/play
Halloween Hat Gacha :: L$50/play

who what
Halloween Parasol Gacha :: One rare, 10 commons :: L$48/play

Cream Spaghetti Hair
Autumn Plaid Skirt :: Standard sizing, Maitreya, Slink :: L$80/color
Mimiko Hair Gacha :: L$60/play
Halloween Tights :: System layers, Maitreya, Slink; orange, green, black, pink, purple :: $L30
Halloween Color Nail :: Slink only :: L$15
Kii Skirt :: Standard sizing; black and pink :: L$1

Knit Pullover :: Maitreya only;: green, pink, black, beige, blue :: L$100/color
Pumpkin Knit Pullover :: Maitreya only :: L$50/color

HS16 Suit :: Standard sizing; yellow, red, black, white :: $L250/color
HS16 Robes :: Standard sizing; white, black :: L$250/color

Pumpkin Party Gacha :: L$60/play
Pumpkin Carriage Gacha :: L$60/play

Level 2

ko-ONI Halloween Avatar Gacha :: L$75/play

Male Vampire Skin :: System skin; includes eyebrow tattoo layer :: L$400

Fuubutsu Dou
Pumpkin Panic Hat :: Red, orange, black, pink :: L$100
Pumpkin Panic Dress :: One size only; red, orange, black, pink :: L$100
Pumpkin Panic Boots :: Red, orange, black, pink :: L$150

Be Burned Alive Cross & Pose :: L$88

2016 Halloween Nail :: Slink only :: L$50
Gothic Ribbon Shoes :: Slink only :: L$150
RollUp:AWL Shirt :: Two Fitmesh sizes and TMP; Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat :: L$150/design

Cat Portraits (Decor) :: Mad Hatter, Cheshire, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts :: L$75/portrait

QUR Outfit Gacha :: Standard sizing; Two rares, 12 commons :: $L60/play
Top&Skirt_5 :: Standard sizing; enamel pink, purple :: L$120/color
Black&Red Halloween Top&Skirt :: Standard sizing :: Free

Halloween Big Lollipop Gacha :: L$40/play
Halloween Sweets Gacha :: L$23/play
Witch's Large Hat :: L$210

 Blankie Gacha Set :: Two rares, 12 commons :: L$60/play

Halloween Gacha :: Two rares, 6 commons; includes both decor and accessories :: L$60/play

Flittermouse Pet Gacha :: L$50/play
Spooky Parfait Pack (wearable and rez) :: L$400
Individual Parfaits (wearable and rez) :: Memento Mori, Vampire Delight, Haunted House, Starry Night :: L$150/flavor
Meowl Pet Gacha :: One rare, 14 commons :: L$50/play

Lil' Slimes Gacha (wearable and rez) :: L$25/play

Monkey Girl
Halloween Partition Decor :: Black, brown, white :: L$200/color; L$280 for fatpack
Wire Pumpkin Carriage :: Black, gold, silver :: L$150/color; L$200 for fatpack

Halloween Pumpkin Pose Prop Gacha :: One rare, 4 commons :: L$50/play

Reptilian Visor :: Each color includes two versions; black, demon, blood, gold, ghost :: L$200/color

Pumpkin Maraca Gacha :: Five rares, 10 commons :: L$30/play
Dog Bench :: Includes color change HUD :: L$100

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