Friday, September 30, 2016

[Panic of Pumpkin] Hunt Guide - ハントガイド

Today marks the beginning of the month-long Panic of Pumpkin event in Okinawa! This awesome event features a market with goods from some of the greatest Japanese content creators from the grid as well as non-Japanese creators who have a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. There are also tons of spooky, photogenic locations in the sim to explore, like haunted houses, abandoned fairgrounds, and a cute cafe!

In this post, however, I will be providing a guide to the hunt that takes place all through the month! This hunt is a bit unusual in that certain prizes are available for one day only, so keep reading to see how this mechanic works and how you can ensure that you get all the prizes.

Step One

When you land at the event, walk down the carpet and enter the movie theater. Inside, you'll see some spooky ruins with a teleporter hidden inside. Click/sit on the ghoulish face to teleport to the main event area with the market.

Landing Point | 着陸地点

Theater | 劇場


Step Two

There are three layers of shops. Walk on the ramps to get between the layers.

Ground Floor | 1階

First Floor | 2階
Second Floor | 三階

Ramp | 傾斜

Step Three

Each day, there will be one or more hunt prizes available for that day only. In other words, only one or more doors will "work" (yield prizes) per day. This means that every day, there will be new, limited prizes!

Step Four

To get your hunt prize, you need to "knock" (click) on the doors that are adjacent to the stalls. 


If you've picked the correct door, the door will open, and there will be a script that says "Happy Halloween!! What do you say!?" Type "trick or treat" into the script box. 
正しいドアをクリックすると、ドアが開き、スクリプトは「Happy Halloween!! What do you say!?」を言うだろう。「trick or treat」を入力してください。

Step Six

Receive your prize!

Step Seven

Now, you could go around clicking all the doors, but given the number of doors there are, that's not very efficient. The event creators have been kind enough to post posters around the sim that provide hints for the doors that are yielding prizes that day. 

Hints for October 1st | 1日目のためのヒント

In the above example (which is for October 1st), the posters tell you to look for:
  1. Gift 1: A shop that is lined, that has decorative ghosts in buildings, and that sells pumpkin carriages;
  2. Gift 2: A shop that has a Japanese theme, that sells hair, and has shop items in delicious looking boxes.

Step Eight

Visit the Panic of Pumpkin event every day in October to get new prizes! I will be blogging the new prizes each day, so please stay tuned.
新しいギフトを得るために10月に毎日イベント「Panic of Pumpkin」をご覧ください!毎日新たなギフトをブログになります,、したがって、ご期待ください。

Happy Hunting! 

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