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[Misaki Fes] Advanced Guide ~ 美咲フェスガイド

August is the month of so many awesome Japanese events! Currently, there's the Ubume Horror Event, the CADERU Event (see my guide), the Otogi Emaki Event (see my guide), and the Kokura Colet Hunt (see Mikayla Ares's guide).

And now there's the Misaki Fes Event! This event started on August 5th, and it runs through August 26th. I found out about this event from my friend Mikayla Ares on her Offbeat SL Events blog. She posted a well-written short guide to the event hunt, but after I went to check it out myself, I realized there was quite a bit of complexity to the event, so I'm posting a comprehensive guide here.

First, though, let me show you a preview of some of the fantastic prizes you can win from the event hunt.

Event Items

Top -  Rosengarten :: Rosengarten Parka (Japanese) :: Free prize
Hat - The CSM Original :: CSM_BBCAP_MISAKIFES :: Free prize
Guitar - Namine Guitar :: Namine Guitar O-430 Vintage :: Free prize, plays music!
Glasses - Mesh Glasses :: Free prize

Other Credits

Skin - Pink Fuel :: Ashley <Peach> (Lid 02 black/thin) / Female
Shape - My own
Eyes - The Sugar Garden :: Dark Skies (Dark Brown) :: Group gift (L$250 join fee)
Hair - Tableau Vivant :: Choko [Rigged] :: Old group gift
Jeans - Apple May Designs :: Worn Denim Jeans :: Free @ Free Dove, standard sizing, men's fit included

Pretty cool, huh? For a complete preview of all the grand prizes, see Namidame Nakamori's  prize preview (ハント景品).

There are also a bunch of freebies and lucky boards you can grab without actually participating in the event hunt, but I'm saving that for another post. (Stay tuned!) In this post, I'll be talking exclusively about how to do the hunt, which is actually more like a puzzle game.

(A little note to my English readers: you'll notice Japanese written below my instructions. Don't worry about putting it into Google Translate; I'm just trying to make this guide accessible to Japanese readers, too.)

In short, you get a ticket and you have to get it stamped by various residents in the SIM. Once you've filled up your ticket, you can trade it in for prizes. However, there is a method to this game. The game revolves around Japanese numeric puns called "goroawase." Goroawase are series of digits that, when read aloud, sound like a word, a phrase, or a contraction of a phrase in Japanese.
To use a very simple example, one of the ways to pronounce the number 8 in Japanese is "ha," so the Japanese sometimes type "888" to indicate that they are laughing. You can find a very detailed explanation of goroawase here, complete with all the syllables associated with each number and a bunch of examples. You can find a more succinct version on TV Tropes


If that's too much for you to take in, never fear! Keep reading under the cut for a thorough guide explaining all of the goroawase you need to win all except one of the big prizes in the event. However, if you like puzzles or know some Japanese, I suggest stopping right here. The fun of the event comes from figuring out the goroawase yourself! 


Disclaimer: I can read and understand only beginner-level Japanese, so my translations may be off. However, I can guarantee you that the goroawase I mention below do get you the prizes!

免責事項 :: 少しだけ日本語を理解しています。文章が理解することは困難である場合は申し訳ありませんが、GoogleTranslate使用しています。読み込むためのありがとうございました!m( _ _ )m

日本語を話す場合は、「Step 5」に進んでください。

Step 1: Get HUD

Ticket Giver (right) and Ticket HUD (upper left)
At the forced landing point, you'll see a bunch of blue arrows guiding you toward a train station. To get started, click one of the ticket vendors pictured above and attach the ticket it gives you. The ticket will appear as a HUD in the upper left corner of your screen (see above). The two blank circles on the top are for train entry and train exit stamps, and the four blank circles on the bottom are for numeric stamps that you'll need to get at the actual event site.

After you've attached the HUD, keep following the arrows down into the train station.

Step 2: Get Entry Stamp

Entry Turnstile
Here, you'll encounter the entry turnstile. You won't be able to get past it without equipping the HUD. When you pass through it, you'll automatically get one stamp.

Once you get inside, you have two options for transporting yourself to the event site: train ride or teleport.

Step 3: Travel to Misaki Festival Site

If this is your first runthrough, I highly recommend taking the train for the experience. Wait until a train arrives on the right side of the station, and then walk through the door and take a seat. The doors will automatically close and you'll get a nice scenic trip to the bay.

If you just want to get there quickly, sit on the teleporter just past the turnstiles. It will transport you to the exit of the train station at the event site.

Step 4: Get Exit Stamp

Exit Turnstile
If you took the train, you'll inevitably pass through one of the exit turnstiles on your way out into the event site, but if you teleported, you'll need to walk around the bars and walk through the exit turnstile to get your second stamp.

Now for the fun part!

Step 5: Collect Numeric Stamps

Stamped HUD &amp;amp; Main Market Area

The goal in this step is to get four numeric stamps. You get these stamps by talking with the Misaki residents, who are either humans or cats. Each resident is associated with a certain number; talking with a given resident will give you the same numeric stamp every time. The key is to get the right combination of numbers in the right order so that you have a goroawase. You can get the grand prizes only by entering the correct goroawase. Think of it like trying to figure out a four-digit password.

How are you supposed to go about figuring out the goroawase? Well, when you click the residents, they'll say things, some of which are hints. According to Namidame's guide, not all of the things that the residents say are actually meaningful hints. Some things are meant to misguide you, and some things are just there for laughs.

However, regardless of what code you enter on your ticket, you'll get a prize. There are five "real" prizes and bunch of other consolation prizes:

  • Grand Prizes (大賞)
    • Rosengarten Parka (Japanese)
    • Rosengarten Parka (Yagasuri)
    • Rosengarten Parka (Ichimatsu)
    • Namine Guitar O-430
    • CSM Cap
  • Consolation Prizes (残念賞)
    • Rabbit costume (it's a onesie/kigurumi)
    • Mesh glasses
    • Mesh wall clock
    • Risu squirrel with nuts (rez)
    • Ochre sea star (rez)
    • Red sea star (rez)
    • Brown sea star (rez)
    • Gray cat (rez)
    • Pink cat pillow (rez)
    • Beige cat pillow (rez)
    • Tora cat (rez)
    • Potted green leafy plant (rez)
    • Bandage box
    • Water gun
    • Laptop PC (rez)
What follows is a guide to all the residents in the SIM, the numbers they give, the hints they give (in Japanese, romaji, and English), and the winning codes/goroawase that I was able to figure out. To see the winning codes, click the gray "Spoiler!" buttons. However, I highly recommend looking at the romaji, using the goroawase guide, and figuring out the codes for yourself!

Some of the residents may be a little hard to find. For example, a few of the cats are in apartments in the back part of the SIM, so you'll have to open some doors and do a little hunting to locate them.

Wiggling Witty-Cat
Number Given: 1
Location: Tree by festival stalls
ヒント (日本語): いい女
Hint (Romanized): Ii onna.
Hint (English): Good/pretty woman.
Notes: This hint is a winner! It'll get you the Rosengarten Parka (Yagasuri).

Number Given: 4
Location: Tree by festival stalls
ヒント (日本語): 4はNamine Guitarの O-430 に使われてる数字にゃ
Hint (Romanized): 4 wa Namine Guitar no O-430 ni tsukawareru suuji nya.
Hint (English): Four is the number that needs to be used to get Namine Guitar O-430, meow.
Notes: This hint is a winner! It will get you the Namine Guitar that's mentioned. Use it in conjunction with the hint given by the gray cat in the alleyway (see below). Or, simply look at the model number of the guitar mentioned and use common sense! 

Amused Cat
Number Given: 2
Location: Apartment, upper level
ヒント (日本語): つんつん
Hint (Romanized): Tsun tsun.
Hint (English): ("Tsun tsun" literally means morose or aloof/cold, but in this context, I think it refers to the sound effect of the fan turning. It may also be a reference to the Japanese pronunciation of the number 2 in English (tsu).)
Notes: None.

Cat Gray
Number Given: 0
Location: Sketchy alleyway (choked with bars)
ヒント (日本語): ゼロはいいにゃ. 最初と最後に入るともっといいにゃ.
Hint (Romanized): Zero wa ii nya. Saisho to saigo ni hairu to motto ii, nya.
Hint (English): Zero is good, meow. It's better when you put it first and last, meow.
Notes: This hint is a winner! Use it in conjunction with the hint given by the orange cat (see above). The goroawase associated with this one will get you the Namine Guitar O-430.

Bored Cat
Number Given: 3
Location: Under one of the apartments
ヒント (日本語): みゃー
Hint (Romanized): Mya--
Hint (English): (This is the sound of a cat meowing, but it's also a pun because "mi" is the kunyomi reading of the number 3.)
Notes: None.

Eating Cat
Number Given: 3
Location: One of the apartments
ヒント (日本語): みー
Hint (Romanized): Mi--
Hint (English): (Again, this could be the sound of a cat meowing, but it's also a pun because "mi" is the kunyomi reading of the number 3.)
Notes: None.

Denkiya Oyaji
Number Given: 5
Location: Inside a warehouse
ヒント (日本語): 今年は質屋探すんじゃないみたいだよ
Hint (Romanized): Kotoshi wa shichiya sagasun janai mitaida yo.
Hint (English): It seems like you're not looking for pawn shops this year.
Notes: This "hint" is simply an allusion to last summer's event, in which you collected stamps and then went to a pawn shop to redeem your prize. 

Ferry no Ojisan
Number Given: 9
Location: By the bay
ヒント (日本語): いつ出港できるかわからないです
Hint (Romanized): Itsu shukkin dekiry ka wakaranai desu.
Hint (English): I don't know when I can make attendance.
Notes: None.

Number Given: 8
Location: By the parking lot and the bay
ヒント (日本語): カジキとサメかぁ!何か思い出すな。え~っと・ハミングウェイ?
Hint (Romanized): Kajiki to same kaa! Nanika omoidasu na. E~tto Haminguuei? 
Hint (English): Marlins and sharks. What does that remind me of? Um, Hemingway?
Notes: This "hint" is actually a dead end! (However, it is relevant to another event going on in the Misaki SIM, which I will blog about soon.) Thank you, Namidame-san, for cluing me in.

Gyokou no Onna
Number Given: 1
Location: By the warehouses near the bay
ヒント (日本語): 一番古い建物の中に何か書いてあるらしいんだけどねぇ・・
Hint (Romanized): This "hint" is actually a dead end! (However, it is relevant to another event going on in the Misaki SIM, which I will blog about soon.) Thank you, Namidame-san, for cluing me in.

Number Given: 6
Location: By the bay
ヒント (日本語): こんな端っこまでゴクローサン
Hint (Romanized): Konna hashikko/hajikko made gokurousan.
Hint (English): Nice try until this tail/bridge. (Or, thank you for your efforts until this tail/bridge.)
Notes: This hint is a winner! It makes absolutely no sense transliterated into English, so just pay attention to the last part: "gokurousan/gokurosan."  

Mesh Woman 7 Sitting
Number Given: 8
Location: Inside the white ship on the bay
ヒント (日本語):ハン・ソロ船長遅いなぁ. ところでファルコンて日本語でなに?
Hint (Romanized): Han Solo senchou osoi naa. Tokorode farukon te nihongo de nani?
Hint (English): Captain Han Solo is slow/late. By the way, what is "falcon" in Japanese?
Notes: This hint is another winner! At first, I thought the hint was some sort of reference to the Millennium Falcon, but the important part is "what is 'falcon' in Japanese?" Find the answer to that question, and you'll have a perfect goroawase that will win you the Rosengarten Parka (Japanese).

Nuretai Hito
Number Given: 7
Location: By the lighthouse
ヒント (日本語): いい女いないかなぁ
Hint (Romanized): Ii onna inai kanaa.
Hint (English): I wonder if she's/there's not a good/pretty woman.
Notes: The first two words of this hint make a winning goroawase, but it's the same one that you get from the Wiggling Witty-Cat. The winning goroawase will get you the Rosengarten Parka (Yasuragi).

Seven Eleven Dummy
Number Given: 7
Location: By the parking lot
ヒント (日本語): かざりなのよコンビニは、ほっほ~
Hint (Romanized): Kazarina no conbini wa, ho ho~
Hint (English): (Something about the decoration of convenience stores?)
Notes: None.

Ra-menya Oyaji (0)
Number Given: 0
Location: Festival stall area
ヒント (日本語): ゼロから始めた商売だけど、もうすぐ店が持てそうだ
Hint (Romanized): Zero kara hajimeta shoubai dakedo, mousugu mise ga mote-souda.
Hint (English): I started my business from zero, but I'll soon be likely to have my own shop.
Notes: None.

Other Winning Codes/Goroawase

  • As it turns out, the things said by the residents aren't the only hints. You can get hints by reading the signs around the SIM and, more importantly, by reading the "MisakiFes Imamisaki Town Guide," which you can find in the Information Center. 
  • SIMの兆候を読み取ることによって、ヒントを見つけることができます。またインフォメーションセンターで見つけることができる「MisakiFes Imamisaki Town Guide」のヒントを見つけることができます。
  • Yoi furo - On page 17 of the Town Guide, you'll see a picture of Namidame Nakamori's house. The text mentions that you can get a good bath "良い風呂" (yoi furo) there. Entering this code will get you the Rosengarten Parka (Ichimatsu). Thank you very much to Namidame Nakamori for giving me this hint! Namidameさんは、私にこのヒントを与えてくれてありがとう!
  • Namitsumi - If you go down the sketchy alleyway, you'll find a bar that you can sit at. The name of the bar, as indicated by the sign next to it, is "なみつみ" (Namitsumi). Entering this code will get you the Namine Guitar O-430. 

    Step 6: Claim Your Prize

    Fortune teller's room
    Once you've completely filled out your stamp, locate the fortune teller's room. It's directly opposite the bay on the upper floor.

    You can pass through the beaded curtain only if your stamp is completely filled out. Sometimes, even if your stamp is filled out, the beaded curtain won't let you pass, in which case you should cam through the curtain.

    Once inside, sit in the chair and click the fortune teller within 20 seconds. If you wait too long, you'll be automatically ejected from the room, and the curtain won't let you pass back in, in which case you'll have to cam through the curtain to sit. If for some reason the fortune teller doesn't respond when you click her, right click on your mouse and select "Touch."

    You'll know she has processed your ticket if the content in her speech bubble changes. Most of the time, you'll get the speech bubble above (unless you've figured out the right code).

    Once you've received your prize, you'll be ejected from the room and your ticket will be marked as used. Teleport to the beginning to get a new ticket and start the process all over again!

    Good luck, and thank you for reading!
    がんばろう! 読んでくれてありがとう。


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