Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Kiyomizu Hunt, Free Boataom Mesh Head, and Other Freebies!

Hello, dear readers! As you may or may not be aware, the Kiyomizu shopping SIM is having one of their seasonal hunts right now. It ends on July 10th, so you have only a few more days to snag all of the free goodies that are up for grabs.

In case you haven't participated in one of the Kiyomizu hunts before, here's how it works:
  1. Teleport to the Kiyomizu SIM and locate one of the floating white ghosts. When you click on one, it'll either give you a URL or tell you to click on a different ghost that will give you a URL. The URL will direct you to a unique web page that contains links to all of the participating shops and keeps track of whether or not you've obtained the prize(s) at a particular store. Really handy!
  2. After teleporting to a hunt shop, look for a black cat prim. This task can prove to be extremely easy or ridiculously difficult (even more difficult than the infamous Twisted Hunts); sometimes the cat is extremely small and lodged in a vendor sign or flattened and trapped between a wall and a vendor or beneath the floor. Wireframe is your friend!
  3. Upon clicking on the cat, you'll receive a folder with your prize.
Today, I'll be showing you a few of my favorite avatar items you can find in the hunt.

Before I start, however, I'd like to promote this free, cute mesh head and skin from Boataom. This store seriously needs a signal boost; it has tons of great original mesh heads with different emotes and appliers. It's located in the Tailanda Market, which is a beautiful recreation of Thai seaside villages (Thai pride!) and has shops with tons of lucky boards. Boataom is currently closed for renovation, but if you cam through the wall of the store, you can pick up the Yuri head, two other free heads, and all the goodies for sale. 

First is this adorable fitmesh maid uniform by SHOP KERO. It comes with a matching hat and an HUD that offers a whopping 29 textures, including solids, pastel gingham patterns, and pastel check patterns.


Mesh Head & Skin - Boataom :: Yuri :: Free, comes with mesh eyes pictured
Shape - My own
Hair - Alice Project :: Summer Sadness - Basics :: Free on Marketplace, comes with color change HUD


Dress & Hat - SHOP KERO :: Maid Uniform :: Free Kiyomizu hunt prize, stop #35; includes versions for mesh bodies
Pumps - Angel Alphaville :: Series 75 - Silver :: Free on Marketplace

Second is this pink fitmesh dress from IVY Fashion Shop. I've paired it with a couple free accessories fit for mahou shoujo fans (just in case you were excited for the Crystal Heart event but were broke).

Dress - ~IVY~ Fashion Shop :: Bow pink dress FITMESH :: Free Kiyomizu hunt prize, stop #82
Crown - The Sugar Garden :: Moon Princess Crown SugarxSilver :: Group gift ($L250 join fee), gold version included
Wand - love always :: Princess Wand :: Free on Marketplace; changeable metal color, heart color, and other options via menu

Third is this darling mint dress from the sweet lolita store Hapi*Rabi and an umbrella from A&R Haven. A&R Haven has four hunt items out for you to find; they comprise a complete set of umbrellas for guys and girls with HUDs that have over 40 umbrella-relevant poses each, including sits, stands, and couple poses.

Dress - Hapi*Rabi :: Pauline :: Free Kiyomizu hunt prize, stop #21
Hair - rezology :: Save the Queen :: Free @ Free Dove (and on the Marketplace), includes color change HUD
Umbrella & Pose - A&R Haven :: rKiyomizu Hunt Prize Umbrella :: Free Kiyomizu hunt prize, stop #1

Lastly, I'm showing this summery fitmesh dress from Le Muguet. The striped bandeau top peeking out beneath dress is attached. I got to say, I'm stoked by the increase of fitmesh items for the classic avatars that are being offered, both in this hunt and in general. While I love mesh, there is a certain tyranny to standard sizing. (I'll expand on the joys of fitmesh in a later post.)

Dress - Le Muguet :: Casual Summer Dress :: Free Kiyomizu hunt prize, stop #53

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