Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hair Fair 2016 Freebies - Women's Edition, Part II

And here's the last of my coverage for gifts at Hair Fair 2016! Thank you for reading!

(Download photo from my Flickr for my full resolution)

The Gifts

Blues :: Layla :: Comes with HUDs for naturals, fades, and assorted colors
Love :: Forget Me Not :: Comes with brunette HUD
Love :: Hustle :: Comes with vibrant ombres HUD
Love :: Wandering Love :: Comes with vibrant ombres HUD and HUD for changing metal headband colors
pr!tty :: Double Choker, Heart Choker, and Kitty Ears
Stealthic :: Monochrome Vase

Other Credits

Skin - Pink Fuel :: Kumi <Vanilla> Pure (dkbrow)
Shape - My own
Eyeshadow - Pink Fuel :: Morgana/Mori <Vanilla> Eyeshadow (Shimmy - monolid)
Eyes - The Sugar Garden :: Dark Skies (Black) :: Group gift (L$250 join fee), dark brown version included
Lingerie - Etiquette Lingerie :: Megan - Purple Rain :: L$10 on Marketplace

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