Sunday, April 22, 2018

Chronicles of Vedika: Aetherea

I am a monk of few words. Only three things have ever really opened my mouth. One, my father’s murder. Two, Sherill, my lady love. Three, that time I traveled back in time in my martial arts master’s body and unwittingly unleashed Chaos upon the world and then returned to the present day and trekked to the Abyssal Plane so I could kill Chaos. (Long story. See what I mean?)

So when Adair told me to go to Aetherea, look for signs of the Unweaver, and write her an "evocative and satisfactorily descriptive" report, I was hesitant. That Wood Elf likes pretty words. I do not do pretty words.

But after my journey to that land of temples, I stand corrected.

I have been to the Celestial Plane, to the Astral Plane, to the Feywild and back again. None of these realms compare to the ethereal beauty and absolute tranquility of Aetherea.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Adair's Road to Fantasy Faire 2018: A Minor Setback


Skin Applier & Ears - Lumae :: Catwa - Neoma - Ethesi // Neutral :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Pools of Ethuil). Includes Catwa head applier with four eyebrow options (white, gray, black, no brow); matching body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Tonic, and Omega with 4 breast/cleavage options (as well as V-Tech for Maitreya) and 2 nipple options (nipple, no nipple); matching mesh ears in 3 sizes (medium is shown); and shapes for Catwa Catya and Catwa Keme.
Mesh Head - Catwa :: Catya v3.0 :: Bento
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara 4.1 :: Includes classic and Bento hands.
Hair - Wasabi :: Draco Mesh Hair - Lunar Ombre :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Aetherea). Includes 4 sizes in 2 styles each (normal, windblown), a texture change HUD with 35 options, and a color change HUD for the hair tie. 
Eye Applier - Banana Banshee :: Erin 8 :: L$79 @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Aetherea). Pack includes mesh eyes and appliers for Catwa, Genesis Lab, Lelutka, and Omega. Each eye is applied separately and includes light and dark sclera options.
Body Scales - Even~Tide :: Opal Scales :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Severina). Includes system layers, face applier for Omega (not shown), and body appliers for Maitreya, Slink (unisex), TMP (unisex), and Omega (unisex).
Dragon Legs - Ghoul :: Otohime Legs - LARA - Stormcloud Glossy :: @ Fantasy Faire (Pools of Ethuil). Includes Belleza (Isis and Freya) and Maitreya sizing in 2 versions each (matte, glossy). Men's version for Belleza Jake is sold separately.


Dress & Armlets - Tamiron Forge :: LORIEL - Aqua :: @ Fantasy Faire (Pools of Ethuil). Includes dress in Belleza, eBODY, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink, TMP (female), Tonic, and standard sizing. Also includes resizable armlets.
Circlet - Bite & Claw :: Goddess Diadem :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Falls of Hope). Includes texture change HUD with 4 metal colors  and 6 crystal colors.
Bracelets - Bite & Claw :: Lyta Jewelry - Passion RFL :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Falls of Hope). Set also includes armlets, nipple guards, merkin, anklets, and collar.
Necklace - On A Lark :: Memorial Locket ~ Eternal Circle :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Aetherea). Includes texture change HUD with 3 metal colors and 11 gem colors. Locket opens when clicked and can hold multiple photos.
Sword & Pose - Poseidon :: The Swallow 7 :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Falls of Hope). Includes mirrored pose, pose balls, and prop sword.


Incense Bowls - Fallen Gods :: Hanging Incense Bowls :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Aetherea). Includes 2 sizes with 4 chain lengths each. Resizable.
Temple - Lacrime dell'anima :: Dream Zen Temple - Fantasy Roses :: RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2018 (Aetherea). Includes animated (not shown) and non-animated versions. Animated version (w/ benches) includes 10 yoga animations, 11 single sitting animations, and 19 couple cuddle animations.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Adair's Road to Fantasy Faire 2018: Meet Kratz

Durandil "Kratz" Thackeray
Dear readers, I am most relieved to inform you that I am alive and well. After that incident at her residence, Vedika was courteous enough to fly me home and explain my unfortunate condition to my mother, who persuaded Vedika to dispose of the disastrous anti-emetic paste. (Note to self: Vedika is a strong flier; definitely call upon her for aerial shots.) One short rest later, I felt as good as new, and I departed the woods to meet the next member of my party, the cleric Kratz, self-proclaimed Whisperer of Spiders.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Adair's Road to Fantasy Faire 2018: Meet Vedika

Dear readers, I am most excited to write to you today to introduce you to one of the most remarkable members in my party, the Half-Aarakocran monk Vedika, Destroyer of Chaos. She was gracious enough to invite me into her abode, a humble cottage by the sea, where I presently write this missive.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Adair's Road to Fantasy Faire 2018: An Introduction

Adair B'Nansa, (Not So) Humble Chronicler of Fantasy Faire 2018
Around this time of year, the mists weave themselves into strange knots and patterns. A strange fragrance—pungent as sweat, sweet as baby’s breath, and heady as gardenia in full bloom—punctuates the air, drawing merchants, performers, builders, adventurers, and wanderers from all across The Grid into these knots of mist and driving them into a frenzy that manifests as the Fairelands. The lands take all sorts of physical forms, from sprawling lotus lakes to rapidly decaying cities as twisted and depraved as the Unweaver itself. In some lands, merchants hawk textiles and trinkets under the scorching desert sun; in others, Fairelanders sit fireside and share stories comedic and tragic until sunrise.