Thursday, October 19, 2017

女郎蜘蛛 ~ Jorogumo

See the full resolution version on my Flickr; details are on my photo blog.


Skin Appliers - [MUDSKIN] :: Bok Ja # RARE :: Gacha prize (L$99/play) @ SaNaRae; rare pack includes bare skin face and body (Maitreya, Slink, Omega) applier HUDs for all skin tones and system skins.
Mesh Head - Lelutka :: Chloe 3.0 :: Bento; master HUD controls makeup and facial animations
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara 4.1 :: Includes classic and Bento hands.
Hair - Yse :: Aurore Hair - Grayscale :: @ Hairology; pack includes texture HUD with 18 tones.
Eyes - Aii The Ugly & Beautiful :: Monstrous Eyes & Scar :: Timeless Hunt gift; includes mesh lenses with glow options, a color change HUD (red, orange, green, blue, purple), and system layers and Omega applier for scars (not shown).
Lipstick - [MUDSKIN] :: Honey Lip Lelutka Applier :: Group gift @ SaNaRae (group is free to join); includes 3 colors.
Tongue - Cubic Cherry :: 10{Aarya} tongue red :: Gacha prize (L$50/play).
Spider Arms - Abstract Soul & Fetch :: Psyrachnid Arms :: Fantasy Faire 2017 exclusive (now over); pack includes separate Bento upper and lower arms in small and bulky rigs, a texture change HUD, and an animation HUD.
Eyeshadow - % anxiety :: high kick / omega :: @ Marketplace only; pack includes appliers for Catwa and Omega; each pack has 4 colors.
Spider Tattoos - Fallen Gods Inc. :: Omega~ Entomophobia, Blood :: The Nightmare Hunt gift. Pack includes system layers and Omega appliers in 4 colors (black, red, gold, white) and "mild" versions.
Nail Applier - [peche] :: CADERU HalloweenNail2017 RARE :: Gacha prize (L$30/play); rare pack includes all colors (Maitreya only); set 7 is shown. (Thank you, wmomow! <3)


Kimono - Silvery K :: KimonoMesh(Honey Trap) Purple :: Includes texture change HUD for collar, obi, and trim; includes matching shoes (not shown)
Shoes - Stelloane :: Spider Soles Maitreya :: @ The Nightmare; includes Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya sizing; a texture change HUD with 5 colors; and an optional foot blood applier for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, and Omega.
Headpiece - CURELESS :: Arachnid Headpiece :: Includes texture HUD with 12 skin colors and 6 eye colors.
Web Cowl - Attitude is an Artform :: Web Back Cowl :: Includes regular and slim versions.
Necklace - Hollyweird :: Creeper -Spider Necklace :: Old gift; store is now closed.
Hand Spider - Stelloane :: Arachnophobia on your hand :: The Nightmare Hunt gift.
Spider Ring - [JUSTICE] :: Black Widow Ring :: Group gift @ Gacha Guardians (free to join); includes metal color change HUD.
Spider Web - Paris METRO Couture :: Kiss of the Spider Woman 16-Web Darker :: Part of an outfit that was an old hunt gift.
Hand Wrap - Cubic Cherry :: 14{Aarya} wrist wrap L red :: Gacha prize (L$50/play); includes versions for left and right hands.
Pose - HAPPY DISPATCH :: Bento Pose *Hero-F* :: @ Matsuri; includes pose stand with 10 poses and their mirrors. (Also includes animation installer for Happy Dispatch's Multi Bento Pose HUD.)

人形館 ~ Dollhouse

See the full resolution version on my Flickr; details are on my photo blog.



Head Applier - Boataom :: Aiko"Catwa"Applier-*Gift* :: Free gift; one tone (BST5).
Mesh Head - Catwa :: Lona v2.12 :: Bento
Skin Applier - Boataom :: Maitreya Body Appliers 1.01 :: HUD contains appliers for all skin colors and cleavage options.
Mesh Body - Tentacio & Cureless :: Galatea Doll Lolita - Body RARE :: Gacha prize (L$60/play); rare pack includes texture change HUD for skin (5 tones), fingernails (10 colors), toenails (10 colors), 3 feet positions (low, medium, high), and Bento hands.
Hair - Mello :: Sugar Bunny - Black Magic MM :: MM prize (no group needed); includes color change HUD with 10 assorted hues, optional rabbit headband, and hairband color change HUD. Includes rigged and unrigged versions.
Eyes - Le Forme :: So Hee Lenses :: Free gift @ The Seasons Story.


Dress - Sweet Lies :: Coven Dress 3 - B Maitreya Lara :: $L59; pack includes two dresses (wine and navy) in standard FitMesh, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and TMP sizing.
Shoes - Vicarious Youth :: Big Kid Bow Heart Mary Janes :: Old LB prize; still available for sale. (Tan and red versions are available as LB and MM prizes.)
Parasol - *who what* :: RibbonParasol BLACK :: CADERU 2017 Halloween hunt prize (Bad End).
Pose - Aii The Ugly & Beautiful :: Her v2 :: Free gift; part of Free Couple Pose set with Bento poses for men and women.
Facial Expression - HAPPY DISPATCH :: Bento Facial Expression HUD for 6DOO HUCI-01 :: Works with all Bento heads; allows you to control eye expressions and mouth expressions separately and control the intensity of expressions.



Mesh Head Applier - Stray Dog :: Shawn Cotton :: Includes browless version and bloodied face options.
Mesh Head - Catwa :: Daniel v3.0 :: Bento
Skin Applier - Stray Dog :: Jake Skin - Tone 03 :: Includes body hair and tan line options.
Mesh Body - Belleza :: Jake Mesh Body *Beta* V1.0 :: Bento
Hair - Exile :: Walking the Wire - Browns :: Includes texture change HUD with 20 hues.
Eyes - Azdesign :: Tyrande Blue Eyes (CATWA APPLIER) :: MM prize (no group needed); includes Catwa and Lelutka appliers.


Suit - LeMomo :: Men's Regency Style Clothing (1800 - 1850) :: @ Marketplace; standard sizing only; includes texture change HUD with 4 suit color combos and gold/silver options.
Shoes - MishMash Fusion :: Knives' Suit Boot - Timey Wimey :: Part of Knives' Suit set that was a prize from Twisted Hunt Fall 2017 (ended).
Pose - Infiniti :: - Dolly - 4 :: Includes pose and puppet strings for arms and leg.


Ken Dolls - CURELESS :: Plastic Boyfriend Kenny :: Set includes rezzable doll in 8 positions/poses; "Hi!" and "On Floor" are shown.
Spider Doll - Lilith's Den :: Wandering and Static Spider Dolls :: Old gift; still available for sale; pack includes animated and static dolls in 4 colors each.
Teddy Bear - Evermore :: Aw Topsy Bear! (Red) :: LB prize (group is L$50 to join); pack includes holdable bear in 5 colors.
Ventriloquist Dummy - Star Sugar :: (rez) Billy Saw :: L$1 gift; includes rezzable and holdable versions; speaks when clicked.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


See the full resolution version on my Flickr; details are on my photo blog.


Head & Skin Applier - MUDSKIN :: Sohee # ULTRARARE :: Gacha (L$99/play). Ultrarare pack includes Lelutka head appliers and Maitreya, Slink, and Omega appliers in 2 exclusive summer tones (110 and 112; 110 is shown). Head appliers have 6 eyebrow options (including no brow) and cat's eye makeup options. Body appliers have 5 cleavage options with and without freckles.
Mesh Head - Lelutka :: Chloe 3.0 :: Bento; master HUD controls makeup and facial animations
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara 4.1 :: Includes classic and Bento hands.
Hair - +elua+ :: Renee Hair_Black [fitted] :: Includes color change HUD with 18 tones and an unrigged version.
Eyes - Buzzeri :: Moka Eyes - Chocolate :: L$99; includes standard eyes in three iris sizes and mesh lenses with an iris size HUD.
Top - Vinyl :: Billie Skatr PAK BLUE :: Includes standard sizing and Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink versions; includes optional inner tee with color change HUD
Pose & Chair - Le Poppycock :: *Comfort Zone* Throwaway Thoughts (Chair) Wear :: Part of "Comfort Zone A" pack, which includes 7 poses with color change chairs (blue, white, red, yellow, green, pink). Includes rezzable chairs, wearable chairs, and standalone poses.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Everything Now

See the full resolution version on my Flickr; details are on my photo blog.


Head Applier - Boataom :: Aiko"Catwa"Applier-*Gift* :: Free gift; one tone (BST5).
Mesh Head - Catwa :: Lona v2.12 :: Bento
Skin Applier - Boataom :: Maitreya Body Appliers 1.01 :: HUD contains appliers for all skin colors and cleavage options.
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara 4.1 :: Includes classic and Bento hands.
Hair - [Mello] :: Ritualist - Black Magic :: MM prize (no group needed); includes dark color change HUD and version with hat (not shown).
Eyes - The Sugar Garden :: Dark Skies (Dark Brown) :: Group gift (L$250 join fee); includes dark and light brown versions as standard eyes and mesh lenses.


Top - Vicarious Youth :: Big Kid Flannel & Tee :: Free gift; one size only.
Pants - Vicarious Youth :: Button Cuff Capris - Wavy Khaki :: Free gift; standard sizing.
Sneakers - Reborn Fashion :: Reborn Sneakers Brown :: Lucky Chair prize (no group needed); includes Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and standard sizing.
Data Panels - DISORDERLY :: INTERGALACTIC / TECH SCREEN / ROTATING FLAT :: Gacha (L$75/play); includes 4 color options and an optional rotating animation with 4 speeds.
Stuffed Animal - Sweet Lies :: Little Lion - Sweet Lies Original 1 COMMON :: Gacha (L$15/play); includes optional holding animation.
iPhone - .Oppa. :: Phone Blue Glass GIFT :: Gimme Gacha group gift @ The Imaginarium (free to join).

Decor & Pose

Pose - FOXCITY. :: Bento Sits VOL1-6m :: L$55; Bento hands
Flag - H&S MetalWorks Ltd. :: Grunge Flag Set 1 :: Full permissions; includes mesh flagpole with flag and 20 flag textures
Shopping Bags - Second Spaces! :: Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - bags :: Gacha (L$75/play)
Trash Can - Second Spaces! :: Life's a Mess - Bathroom Trash :: Gacha (L$75/play)
Takeout Containers - Second Spaces! :: Life's a Mess - Old Takeout Containers RARE :: Gacha (L$75/play)
Magazines - By Georgia! Creative Clutter :: 75 Assorted Magazines - Unscripted
Stacked Boxes - Bee Design :: Decor Boxes :: Old gift from The Chapter Four.
Laptop - Meli Imako :: Laptop PC :: Old prize from Misaki Festival 2016; full permission version is available on Marketplace.
Television - *TecMac* :: [School Kit] DesktopMonitor :: Old freebie @ UBUME 2016 event (over)
Newspaper w/ Glasses - Suburban Avenue :: Home Clutter - Newspaper, phone & glasses :: Old gift.
Trash Bags - RC Cluster :: Smelly Garbage :: L$50; includes rezzable versions (shown) and holdable versions with animations.
Folding Tables - RC Cluster :: TV Eater - Triple Fold :: L$100; part of TV Eater Trays set.
Dirty Dishes - RC Cluster :: Dirty Dishes (pile) :: Temporarily on sale for L$0 (L$100 otherwise); includes individual dirty plates and cups with various food stains.
Books (Multicolor) - BALACLAVA!! :: Paperbacks :: Subscriber gift (August 15, 2017); includes 10 sets of stacks.
Books (White) - floorplan :: leaning book stack / monotone :: Old gift from The Seasons Story.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


See the full resolution version on my Flickr; details are on my photo blog.

Her (Kala)

Head Applier - remy&rowe :: 4.0 : cassidy tyler : dark :: Includes Catwa and Omega appliers with a browless option.
Mesh Head - Catwa :: Lona v2.12 :: Bento
Skin Applier - remy&rowe :: 4.0 body : maitreya : dark
Mesh Body - Maitreya :: Lara 4.1 :: Includes classic and Bento hands
Hair - Blues. :: Dakota - Browns :: LB prize; includes color change HUD
Dress - AdN Designs :: CAPRICE :: Rotating group MM prize (group is free to join); also available for purchase; includes dress and panties (not shown) in Belleza, Jomo, Maitreya, and Slink sizing; includes denim texture HUD for top, floral/solid/invisible texture HUD for skirt, and color HUD for panties. 
Inner Tank Top - Blueberry :: Lace Tops Gift - Long - Maitreya :: Free gift; includes long and short versions for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink; includes comprehensive color change HUD for all parts of top (lace, straps, fabric, metal).

Him (Wolfgang)

Head Applier - Nivaro :: 'Rogan' Akeruka Applier - 02. PBear Tone :: @ The Trunk Show; applier includes eyebrows in 5 colors, optional hairbase in 5 colors, and 6 optional facial hair types.
Mesh Head - Akeruka :: Aron Vers. 2.6 :: Bento; animation HUD sold separately.
Skin Applier - Nivaro :: Belleza Body Appliers - 02. Polar Bear :: Includes clean body and 5 body hair options for top and bottom in 5 colors, a nail applier, and body hair options on a tattoo layer.
Hair - Argrace :: MEGUMU - Blondes :: Pack includes 5 tones in men's and women's sizing.
Eyes - ARISE :: Dor Eyes / Blues :: L$69; includes system eyes, mesh lenses, and Omega appliers
Top - ::K:: :: Band Collar Popover Shirt Homme White :: @ The Men's Department (August); includes Belleza, Signature, Slink, and TMP sizing.
Pants - AdN Designs :: AMAURY :: Includes Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink, TMP, and standard sizing. Includes color change HUDs for jeans and belt.
Bracelet - NOIR :: Roman Bracelet -L- [Material] :: Old L'HOMME Magazine group gift (no longer available). Pack includes watch and bracelet in women's and men's sizing for both arms, with and without materials, and color change HUDs.

Pose & Decor

Pose - [addme.] :: Pose#017 :: Includes couple pose animations and their mirrors, a poseball, and a scripted avatar sitter.
Tea Set - Aphrodite Shop :: "Arabian" Tea Set :: @ The Enchantment; gives cup of tea (temporary attachment) on click.
Backdrop - JACKALOPE :: Al-Kubba Alcove :: @ The Enchantment; includes three sizes (small, medium with background, large with background and foreground add-on) and 9 single poses.